Did you know there’s an athlete inside you? An inner strength, drive, and commitment to your health and wellbeing? Drawing from this place, you will soon discover that you have the innate power to master any change you desire. I’ll show you how.

Hi, I'm Jes Binder

Habit Change Specialist

I’m here to awaken you to the truth - that you are deserving and capable of real, sustainable change. The secret lies in conquering your limiting beliefs about what’s possible for your health and yourself. And that’s my specialty.

Together, we will collaborate to help you construct habits that can last a lifetime. Leveraging my expertise in habit change, I use proven strategies to coach you through setting attainable and personalized goals, building on your individual strengths, and helping you create your own picture of wellness. And then build you a customized plan that will upgrade your eating habits, improve your fitness, and ignite your commitment to achieving your goals.

Let's Transform Your Habits Together

Complimentary call to discover which habit change plan is a good fit for you.
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