Yes, You Can Achieve Your Goals.
No, Your Past Failures Don’t Mean You Can’t.​

You’ve always had goals when it comes to your health.


To cut back on fizzy sodas.

To eat less pizza and processed foods.

To lose the excess weight.

To start practicing yoga.

To try out meditation.

To make it your lifestyle.


Yet, no matter how many times you’ve tried to pursue each one-- you haven’t followed through in the long term and fell right back into those old habits.


And that’s usually because…


  • You tried to be a superhero and took on seven health-related goals at once--making you incredibly overwhelmed

  • You invested in a treadmill, quickly lost interest because--let’s be honest, you hate running--and now use it as a clothes drying rack

  • You even tried out a juice cleanse or two that only left you feeling starved and unsatisfied, so the weight you may have lost came right back


It is seriously disheartening to want to better yourself and fall short---over and over again.


You put your blood, sweat and tears into making a go at your goals. You white-knuckle will it to happen, only to feel like you are back where you started or that you cannot notice any change occurring.


And you’ve probably started doubting your ability to achieve what you want more than anything.


If only you could be rid of what I call the “failure cycle,” then you will be free to finally become the best version of yourself - happy, healthy, thriving, feeling good and looking good.


Here’s the good news---you’re not a failure, you can break this cycle, and you have the ability to achieve your biggest health goals.


It comes down to addressing the root issue--- your habits and beliefs. And with the right guidance, accountability, and support you can transform them from sabotaging to motivating.


I’m here to help you break that cycle once and for all. Not only that, but together, we can remedy your whole relationship with failure.


Through the coaching process, we take those perceived defeats and we transform them into your greatest weapon.


Failure is laced with fear. We take back the power from fear by befriending it and using it as a motivator to venture further on your wellness journey.


With my program, we co-create the map for where you want to go. This is tailored and stylized to you, a perfect adventure to reaching your goals. No one size fits all here. It’s all about you!


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Your Partner in Real Habit Change ​

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve failed a lot on my journey to becoming a healthy, happy person. And truly, I had no choice but to befriend failure. Here’s my story.


Years ago, I wasn’t the picture of health.


I didn’t follow a regular sleep pattern. I drank close to two liters of soda per day and managed the bare minimum intake of water. I rarely touched any green food, ran sporadically and had a very poor opinion of myself. And I used way too much alcohol to manage depression and anxiety.


These setbacks have been a great gift - they have built up my patience, my tolerance, my resolution and my understanding of behavior change. I’m non-judgemental about failing because it’s a part of the behavior change process. If someone hasn’t failed, they haven’t tried anything new or been trying to grow and make changes.


Today, because of the grace of God, I have been sober for over six years. I drink three (sometimes four) liters of water per day. Now I love all things green. I exercise as often as possible, choosing activities I truly love and not as a means to punish myself. Stress-reducing strategies are a priority where they used to be non-existent. I am unapologetically learning to love myself so I can authentically love and serve others more.


This transformation began and continued when I was studying for my bachelor's degrees in psychology and nursing. After working in a hospital for four years, I realized I wanted to help prevent disease rather than treat it. So, I obtained certifications in personal training and health coaching from the American Council on Exercise.


Growing from a long-standing fascination with behavior change, I am excited to have the opportunity to help people create their own picture of wellness through health coaching. And I’m devoted to empowering my client’s ability to change.


It’s my mission to let everyone know they have an athlete inside of them, to help set individuals up for success to accomplish their goals, and to aid in maintaining the quality of life by preventing disease through the use of healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, mindset and faith.  


I’m here to leverage my expertise so that people can start small and to try new things. I’m here to be fully present and to create a space for them to construct their path to wellness and health. Behavior change is my life and action is my middle name.

Professional Bio

Combining her expertise and education in psychology, personal training, and health coaching, Jes has developed a wellness method that empowers her clients to develop healthy habits for life. Free from the influence of fad diets or generic fitness programs, Jes co-creates a customized roadmap with every client so that it fits seamlessly into their lives. Her journey inspired her mission to help others get out of their own way and leverage the power of faith, action, and accountability to reach their goals.

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology - University of Nebraska 


  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing - University of Nebraska Medical Center 


  • Personal Trainer Certification - American Council on Exercise 


  • Health Coach Certification - American Council on Exercise 


  • Behavior Change Specialist - American Council on Exercise 

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