Creating Habits that Last 



You’re ready for real change.


The kind that allows you to accomplish your biggest goal.


Being healthy.


To you, health = happiness.


And perhaps that health would ideally come in the form of…


No longer giving into sugar cravings and sipping on too much soda.

No longer choosing a few slices of pizza over a salad rich in vegetables.

No longer saying you’ll work out and then setting foot in the gym only once.

No longer battling with your willpower to just “be good”.


You’d really love healthy habits to become second nature.

Your new default mode.

The kind of mode that “healthy, thin people” seem to stay in so effortlessly.


Here’s the truth--


That can be you.

And the reason you haven’t succeeded is because you’ve been fed a lie-- that diets are the secret to attaining the perfect body and the perfect state of wellbeing.


The truth is--


It has nothing to do with dieting, and everything to do with what you think and believe about yourself.


The secret that no one’s shared with you yet, may sound simple. Heck, you might even be skeptical.


But if you really want CHANGE, here it is: your mindset + the longtime habits that are ingrained in your cells.


It’s only by changing that-- by shifting your inner belief systems and changing that inner dialogue-- and those actions-- that you’ll be FREE.


For good.


So, how do we get you there?


A unique, customized protocol that combines habit change psychology, movement, and nutrition-- the trifecta that empowers you to reach your biggest goal once and for all.


But don’t worry--


This isn’t something you have to figure out alone. I’ll be your guide.


Hi, I’m Jes Binder and I’m a habit change specialist who is devoted to your health and happiness. I leverage my training in psychology, fitness training, and nutrition to help you connect with the part of you that is stronger than cravings and self-sabotage.


Yes, really.


In fact, all of these tools empowered me to change my life-- my health-- too. I broke free from addiction and unhealthy habits through this integrated approach and a lot of faith. And guess what? It worked.


Now, it’s your turn.


It’s time for you to prove yourself wrong. To realize that there is an inner athlete inside of you. To experience the euphoria of finally reaching those goals that have felt like a pipedream.

What Occurs in Habit Change Coaching? 

Learn to set specific, attainable goals. 

Create behaviors that are sustainable.

Manage cognitive distortions. 

Discover your behavior triggers. 

Build social support for your new behaviors.

Choose an efficient self-monitoring system.

Uncover your personal behavior strengths.

Relapse prevention plan creation and strategies. 

Recognize your personal "why" for modifying habits.

Analyze your environment's impact on behavior.

And so much more!

Examples of Habits that Can Be Addressed

Losing or maintaining weight.

Sticking to an exercise routine.

Specific strength or cardiovascular training.

Stress management.

Creating a healthy sleep pattern.

Eating more nutritious foods.

Limiting sweets and sugary snacks.

Becoming more mindful and utilizing meditation.

Drinking more water. 


Have a different habit you would like to work on?

Contact me or set up a call so we can discuss your goals!

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